I feel like everyone talks about Vanessa in relation to Hermann, and I’m surprised I’ve not seen anyone considering queer Vanessa

  • Vanessa realising she’s a lesbian but keeping it a secret because she doesn’t want people in the modelling industry to treat her differently or be uncomfortable around her
  • Vanessa meeting Hermann- at a really really bad gay bar that they’ve been convinced to go to by their firends maybe ? Or maybe she loves science and goes to a talk he does or hell maybe they’re both just picking up a glasses prescription- and they automatically become friends because they are both funny and intelligent
  • Vanessa and Hermann both being greatly pressured by their families to settle down so they agree to pretend to date/marry each other to keep everyone off the scent of queer
  • Also the apparent marriage has lots of benefits like Vanessa is taken more seriously when she talks about science because she’s married to Hermann which sucks but she’ll take what she can get
  • Vanessa coming to visit Hermann at the shatterdome and meeting a beautiful lady technician who’s perfect and Vanessa immediately falls head over heels in love with
  • Vanessa being really good friends with Newt and teasing Hermann alongside him this is important
  • Vanessa working up the courage to explain everything to the lady technician and eventually getting her flowers and showing up in the workshop and everything coming out in a rush but the tech is really happy and kisses her on the cheek (except Vanessa moves so it’s a bit on the mouth) and they go out and flirt over science and engineering and everything is perfect and they love each other a lot
  • Vanessa and the tech and Hermann and Newt having a joint wedding in secret because Vanessa knows that if she comes out she’ll sacrifice her career and she loves modelling (but the tech is super understanding and doesn’t really mind if nyone else knows as long as they know)
  • Vanessa and the tech deciding they want a baby and since they don’t want any form of IVF Hermann, ah, donates the sperm so the child is biologically his but 100% Vanessa’s and her wife’s
  • Queer badass Vanessa playing the system and being a super smart badass
  • Queer Vanessa
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Still trying to loosen my hands up. They’re feeling tons better! And I think you can tell the difference between my first newt/hermann drawing and these latest ones. 

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99% of my headcanons:

*newt does something incongruous and not particularly sexy*

*hermann gets a boner*

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do you ever get really motivated to do something and you get really excited about it and then when you get home you’re just like nah

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Art by Howard Pyle (1905) - “Attack On A Galleon.”


Art by Howard Pyle (1905) - “Attack On A Galleon.”

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phantom.| listen. 58min.
 For six feet deep hidden bodies rotting in dirt and dry blood, ghouls with unfinished tasks lost between the living and the afterlife, lips that tangle desperately in the impossible love of numb skin against vivid veins, weeping angels and dead flowers mourning over dearest graves whose ghosts worthlessly try to comfort them;

001. goodbye by soap&skin | 002. video games by tom odell | 003. departure by baths | 004. dead hearts by dead man’s bones | 005. missing by the xx | 006. the one i love is gone by lauren o’connell | 007. there is a cure by timber timbre | 008. gallows by cocorosie | 009. no death by mirel wagner | 010. black widow by susanne sundfør | 011. i think i’ll be a good ghost by say hi to your mom | 012. lone by chelsea wolfe | 013. dead boy by sadgirl | 014. sleepwalking by the casket girls | 015. antichrist by the 1975.

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If I follow this path,perhaps I’ll meet you again someday


If I follow this path,
perhaps I’ll meet you again someday


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Reblogable upon request

(And by request I mean two RL friends it’s almost like being complimented by your mom hah)

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"Today there is not a man nor woman in here that shall stand alone. Not today. Today we face the monsters that are at our door, and bring the fight to them. Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!"

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Pacific Rim Meme (2/2) Kaiju


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